Cno kaya ang katabi ni Jojo sa itaas?? Hehehe... (forget about her, juk!) Hmmm, Jojo is a bunso to me.. He's 18 years young at napamahal na siya sa akin.. He's a kind guy and you'll always have fun with him.. Hindi ko pa cya nakikita personally but we often have our chats in the net.. Often ba? Sometimes lang yata, hehehe.. Hope to see him this April! I call him Bunso for a very special reason.. He's a younger brother to me! Thank you for coming into my life.. I am blessed to have you, Bunso.. Hope that our friendship will last forever, centered on Jesus Christ Himself!

To JB my Budoy who easily penetrated my heart recently.. Thank you for coming into my life.. Thank you that you allowed me to be your Kuya.. He's a talented guy, too like me.. He's a worship leader in his church! Praise God! Di kita pababayaan, Budoy, pramis! I am blessed because of you! :-) See you on October 15! (And as we had planned, hope na magkita tayo prior to that day)..
To Kuya Sean who is always there for me.. though he is in London, i feel like he's just near the Ipil Residence Hall where I reside.. Hahaha! Thank you for the encouragements.. Thank you for being my Tatay.. I'm looking forward in meeting him face-to-face and hope to be with him in the same roof and sharing the same food, di ba Kuya?! :-)

This is Kuya Matt.. He likes cat! Hehehe.. See the pic?? Black cat! Wehehehe.. Thank you Kuya Matt for the times that we chat, for giving me a portion of your time, hehehe.. And also, thank you for the phone credits (Smart Load).. Hehehe.. I pray that God will help you in whatever you're going through these days. He's your Comforter!

To Raymond na akala ko nung una ay hindi ko magiging close.. Kahit na sa text lang.. Hehehe! But when I told him about my problems, hey, ang galing nyang mag-advice! Thank you for the encouragements..

To Dave, my friend in Bohol who also my source of encouragement.. Thanks for the text messages that added color to my life and also for the phone calls (drama).. Thank you for sharing your life with me, and just hope that we'll be very close friends, too where Jesus is the center of our relationship.. You entered the very heart of my heart (ano daw??!) :-)

To Jay for teaching me a lot of things in this life.. My desire is that my life will be a blessing to you and your life may a blessing to me, too.. Thank you sa pagpapahiram mo sa akin ng CD player mo, at ilang CDs.. It's an encouragement to me to hear Christian songs.. At last, nagkakulay ang room ko.. Hahaha.. I will always treasure my friendship with you.. I will not forget you.

To Marc na super-talented. Ang galing na photographer, hehehe.. Juz look at his pics in Friendster.. He is accomodating (hospitable ba), kind (pampalapad-atay), etc.. Thank you for coming into my life... I enjoy being with you.. and daming kwento.. Di nauubusan.. hehehe..

To Jojo whom I considered one of my closest friends here.. Thank you for loving me and understanding me in spite of my weaknesses.. Thank you for being there for me.. Salamat sa lahat-lahat!

To James na isa ring gwapito at mestisong unggoy.. Meron bang mestisong unggoy?? Hehehe.. He's really a cool friend.. I enjoy being with James too lalo na pag namamasyal kami sa UP together with Jay.. Mag-swing ulit tayo next time!

To Rose and Gina (my 'close friends', laughs!) for being cool friends.. Palagi nila akong nililibre.. Hehehe! Sila ang may sweldo eh.. :-) They are my only friends here na mga babae na naging close ko talaga.. (nakiki-close, LOL).. Ung mga recent photos ko, kuha yan sa digicam ni Gina.. I am always happy when I am with them, really! Maglaro tayo ng frisbee!

And dami kong dapat pasalamatan na mga tao.. I am so thankful! I am so blessed! These friends are God-given gifts to me.. I will always treasure the moments I have with all of you, guys.. I am praying for you.. God is really great! I give Him the praises and thanksgiving that are to due to Him. To Him be all the glory and honor today and the ages to come! Amen.


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