Support Michael Christian Martinez, Philippines' only Olympian at Winter Olympics

 Michael Christian Martinez

I received a Smart text message in my iPhone which encourages subscribers to support Michael Christian Martinez, Philippines' only Olympian. Here's the full text:

"Support the Philippines' only Olympian Michael Christian Martinez by watching him right on your smartphone with Smart NOW TV Beta! Smart NOW TV Beta is an android app that allows you to stream Video content from Smart. This service is free! Get the app here: http://go/" 

There are two things this message has for me: support Michael and know about Smart's newest offering, Smart NOW TV Beta. So who is Michael? Micheal's story is sensationalized in the sense that he is the first Southeast Asian and first Filipino to participate in the Winter Olympics at Sochi, Russia. Philippines does not produce snow but she produced a very talented and skillful ice skater. That's awesome! Thanks to SM's ice skating rinks. Definitely, I wish him good luck for tomorrow's games. May the good Lord be with him. 

How can we support Michael? There are a lot of ways, and Smart provides one. Winter Olympics will be featured via live feed in Smart NOW TV Beta. According to Smart's website, Smart Now TV Beta is "an android application which will allow you to stream Video content from Smart. This service is FREE!" You need to be connected to Internet to access Smart NOW TV Beta in your android device. If you're using Wi-Fi, it must be provided by either PLDT myDSL or Fibr. If you're using a postpaid, you'll be charged with mobile data charges. For those who have android device, you need to download the application first.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch the games via this android application since I am using iPhone. But I will definitely support Michael Christian Martinez by telling his story to others through blogs and intellectual discussions among friends.

For sure, everyone will hear about him in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

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