Michael Christian Martinez placed 19th among 30 figure skating participants

Michael Christian Martinez

After landing the 3rd spot on February 13's short program in figure skating, Michael Christian Martinez advanced to the finals in Winter Olympics at Sochi, Russia. He placed 19th of 30 participants whose performance wowed not only the nation but the entire world.

His determination to succeed in the field he loves is commendable and many people, including me, were inspired by him. His asthma and being a native of a tropical country where snow is a 'luxury'  did not hinder him from pursuing his goal.

I watched his performance during the final event in Youtube and he was so talented. Awesome! He fell but it did not stop him.

Let his life be a source of inspiration to all young people around the world.

And to our dear government, please support him in his endeavors. He will be competing in other international events in the years to come, and I am hoping that full support will be given to him.


To view some of his performances, please click the following links I found in Youtube. Videos are courtesy to the respective owners.

Winter Olympics Qualifying Round - February 13, 2014

Four Continents Figure Skating Championship 2013 - Winners Advanced to Winter Olympics in 2014

Skate Helena

2013 World Junior Championships

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