Bubblews Review - Just signed up today

I was browsing several Facebook pages when I saw one of my friend's posts about Bubblews. At first, I was not interested about his post and just ignored it. But then, I thought reading his post might be worthwhile so I opened the link. He said he is aiming $5 a day. I got interested. 

So I read about what Bubblews is. One can earn money by simply posting articles (minimum of 400 characters, awesome, right?), liking users' posts, connecting with others, making comments, etc. So I signed up just to satisfy my thrill. I began posting my old write-ups and when I click the 'My Bank' category, I saw that I have already earned $2.20, that's almost a hundred pesos (TAKE NOTE, IN JUST ONE HOUR!)

How did the company pay the netizens of the world signing up everyday? Well, e-commerce is there. As you browse Bubblews website, there are Google Ads appearing on pages so it's an advertising effort. Third parties (companies) pay Google, Google pays Bubblews, and Bubblews pays me!

To find out more and if you like to try Bubblews, click the following link to sign up

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