"Allah Gave Israel to The Jews, There's No Palestine," says a Muslim Scholar

 Photo courtesy of Awsat.com

I have read an article from Virtual Jerusalem website that states Allah gave Israel to the Jews, and that there is no Palestine being mentioned in the most holy book of Islam, the Koran. This is according to Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, a Muslim scholar in Jordan. 

This is very intriguing to me. I have always thought that every Muslim wants a complete annihilation of Israel in the map of the world. And here's a scholar who is a Muslim himself who defends Jews after all. Sheik Adwan, based on the article, accused those who say that there is a Palestine are distorting what Koran is saying and in this sense, an insult to Allah. 

Well, I pray that Jews and Muslims will live harmoniously as brothers and sisters in the years to come.

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