Falling Rain

Falling Rain
By Dale Pascual

“Raindrops are the bravest thing God has created in this world.”
“Because, they are not afraid of falling.”

It’s true. Every time we want to do something, we decide. When we decide, our thought split. When they split, we get confused. And when we are confused, we are afraid. Afraid of accepting what effect/s may cause our decisions. Causing turns in our lives on a split thought. Then we try to redo, but all we can do is move on, and stand on what our decision’s outcome. Either the outcome is good or bad, life doesn’t end on that decision. Deciding is hard, so is standing on that decision. When the outcome is good, we rejoice. It boosts our confidence and self esteem. And we try to decide on something else. But if our decision fails or turn bad, we never want to decide again. Even for ourselves, we ask other opinions and still we are confused, but the last decision is on ourselves. We must accept what we decide even if it is good or bad, we must learn from its outcome.

But this quote is made for love, deciding on love is one of the hardest event one can pass through. Especially at the very first stage, deciding on whom to love. Then, things will depend on how your first approach will affect the other’s decision. And still, what might the other’s decision may be, we must accept, and then go on with what that decision become.
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