"So many questions?..... I Need Answers!!!"

“So Many Questions?..... I Need Answers!!!”
by: Rico BaƱa

Each of us has a purpose or a reason that’s why we’re here.
Everytime that I’m alone, there’s many questions comes to my mind.
I know everyone had so many questions in life and
I’m one of those people who had so many questions.
That needs so many answers to those questions
Why? What? Where? When? and How?

The question of why I’m here?
Why Gods create me?
Why I’m studying?
Why I should be this?
Why do I love?
Why now not tomorrow?
Why it is the answer?

The question of what is my purpose of living?
What should I be?
What is my real goal in life?
What is my future behind those?
What is the answer?

The question where should I step?
Where is the love?
Where’s the freedom?
Where should I found the right one?
Where’s the answer?

The question when is the time to have the freedom?
When is the time for love and success?
When is the time to surrender?
When is the time for happiness?
When should I know the answer?

And the question of how to love right?
How to be successful?
How it affects me?
How do I able to survive on this world?
How should I know all the answer to all my questions?

“Hoping to have those answers in time”
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