By Marlon B. Raquel

Life is miserable without people around us who will understand the very inner of our beings. Our families serve as our nest the moment we were born in this world. We have friends who are ready to accept us and make us feel that we are important individuals. Through our families and friends, we are able to understand ourselves better. To fathom our identities is just like looking for a needle in grasses. We need to understand the meaning of our existence lest we will be groping in the dark. We need to relate ourselves with the totality of things.

The above scenario helped me to figure out the real me—how I understand myself in relation to other people. Recently, I encountered a person who easily penetrated my heart. Though we haven’t met yet face to face, it seems that we’re friends for a long time already (at least the way I feel it). This person made my heart to beat fast like a drum. I am just like a thirsty deer looking for an oasis in a desert. My once solitary soul has been filled with hope and anticipation that I would find the One I am searching for.

I do not know exactly what the future would bring for me. I was burn out with relationships with my friends in the past and I am afraid that this new relationship might die unnoticed and would just fade away like a mist in the morning. For one thing, I don’t know if I am just one of ordinary friends.

How can I explain to you exactly the way I feel every time I think of you? Whenever I want you to be here with me, I just close my eyes and pretend that you are near, sitting beside me holding my hands so tight. The day I know you, I said to myself: “I will never be lonely again for you are there.” The stars brightly shone, and the moon smiled at me.

I asked myself if you know that I have put my trust and confidence on you or have I just pushed myself to be loved and feel the security I’m longing for from you. This is crucial I know. All of us want to feel that we are important to people. There’s no doubt that you are important to me. The question now is: Am I important to you? If not, I have to check myself and the situation. I have to reconsider everything for I will only be hurt eventually. There’s nothing to expect I guess.

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