Is God Blind?

Premise 1: GOD IS LOVE.

Premise 2: LOVE IS BLIND.


Is this correct? Logically speaking, the above statements follow the logical pattern of syllogism. But there are things in this world that cannot be explained by philosophy nor the physical sciences. God is beyond the physical nature of man. He is incomprehensible even to the most intelligent human specie in the world today. God, in His infinite wisdom and love, became human to save the world from eternal damnation. Jesus Christ died on the Cross of Calvary for our sins. Premise 1 is absolutely correct. Premise 2 is a manifestation of man's limited comprehension of the things around him. The conclusion shows how foolish the philosophy of man is that could bring to him. GOD IS LOVE, nothing more, nothing less!

Copyright 2008

By Marlon B. Raquel

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