Last night, my friend and I ate our dinner at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) located at Starmall along EDSA, just across Shangri-La Mall. I ordered crispy chicken strips. The cashier, who was smiling as we approached the counter, asked me what beverage would I order, and I told her I wanted Coke. She smiled and said, "Sir, purely Pepsi products po kami dito." I just smiled back at her and obviously, I didn't have a choice but to order Pepsi Cola. I told my friend standing behind me that Pepsi is Kuya Sean's (friend of mine who is so close to my heart-he's in London now) favorite cola drink.

My friend, on the other hand, ordered one piece of spicy chicken leg. We took our orders, and was about to savor the meal only to find out that the cashier gave us wrong orders! She gave me a glass of root beer, which I didn't like (Its taste is like a medicine syrup) and she gave my friend a piece of fried chicken that's not spicy! That has caused us an inconvenience. We agreed to inform the cashier about the matter. I returned the glass of root beer in exchange for a Pepsi drink. My friend, however, already ate the piece of fried chicken. The manager-on-duty apologized to me, and I really appreciate that. I told her that they didn't have to gave us spicy chicken because the original order has already been consumed but she insisted to gave us a new order without paying additonal amount. With that gesture, I thought that the manager deserves to be appreciated and be given with a kudos. I thanked the manager, and I am thinking of sending an email to KFC Customer Service Relations, and I will tell them how I appreciate the gesture made by the manager. Kudos to her!

It should be a lesson for the cashier to always listen carefully to what the customer is saying when asking for orders so that she would not commit mistake again. Great customer service is of paramount importance.


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