Edu Manzano, TV Host

Is there anyone who's surprised with the announcement today of DILG Sec. Ronaldo Puno that Edu Manzano is the running mate of Secretary Gilberto Teodoro in 2010 elections? I think everyone is surprised. Bulaga! And here we are again: another movie personality is trying his luck in the vice-presidency/presidency. Well, I am not really against those people from the movie industry aspiring for political positions as long as they are capable enough to lead the country. My question is this: Is there anyone in the Philippines, aside from Edu Manzano, who is more worthy to serve as our vice-president beyond 2010? He is qualified to run as Vice-President, but is there anyone who is more qualified? Puno was the one who suggested Manzano to Teodoro because he believes that Manzano is capable of serving the country as a public servant.

Who is Edu Manzano? A former husband of Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos, Edu Manzano was Makati City's Vice-Mayor from 1998-2001. He has served as the chairman of Optical Media Board in 2004 until August 2009. He is a co-founder of Ako Mismo, a non-profit advocacy organization. He is currently the host of Pilipinas, Game KNB?, an ABS-CBN game show.

I think Secretary Teodoro should have chosen someone who is more qualified than Manzano, a person who has an excellent track record in the field of public service.



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