Welcome Address during the Acquaintance Party at Leyte Park Hotel

Mark Lester is a friend of mine. As president of the student organization for medical technology students of Remedios Trinidad Romualdez Medical Foundation (Tacloban City) in 2006, he was tasked to present a Welcome Address during their Acquaintance Party. I wrote this welcome message as per request by Mark (July 22, 2006).

Welcome Address, Acquaintance Party 2006 at Leyte Park Hotel
By Mark Lester C. Montabon

To our energetic Dean of the College of Medical Technology, school administration officials, classmates and friends, a pleasant evening to each and everyone. Welcome to our Acquaintance Party!

Tonight will be one of the memorable events in our school life. Once again we are gathering here not so much of the food and drinks we have prepared but to know each other better. This would also serve as an avenue to socialize and become part of the larger medical technology community. Let us not be ashamed to share our ideas and opinions. By doing so, we are building our self-confidence and we also learn. By having friends, we are expanding our networks of brotherhood which would be very useful in realizing our collective goals. As medical technology students, we must always aspire for excellence. We must be catalysts of change in our society. We must be contributors to the general welfare of our society especially in the field of public health.

Don't get bored. Win friends and enjoy the party tonight.

Thank you.


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