After the announcement of Sec. Ronaldo Puno yesterday in a press conference in Shangri-La Makati that Edu Manzano is the running mate of Sec. Gilberto Teodoro in 2010 elections, many Filipinos from different sectors of the society started to raise questions and made comments about the selection.

Manzano admitted himself that Puno promised that the administration party will shoulder the costs for the entire campaign.

In an interview by TV Patrol anchor Karen Davila, Manzano said, "Lakas-Kampi CMD has a presidential candidate that they have to take care of. Lakas said they will take care of campaign expenses. In fact, Ronnie Puno personally guaranteed that and he is a friend of longstanding. I think the Liberal Party made it very, very clear from the beginning that they would run a campaign on a shoestring budget. They even have those 'piso-piso' contributions."

Clearly, it is all about money that made him decide to run for the vice-presidency. Is this the kind of principle we want to instill to our young people? I understand that he had a "traumatic experience" when he lost his bid for mayoralty to Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay during the 2004 elections (He sold his house just for the campaign.) but that should not be his reason for running. The Office of the Vice-President is such a dignified position, and every one who is aspiring for that post should first ask himself: Am I competent enough to handle the responsibilities as the future Vice-President of the Republic of the Philippines?

Sigh! Anyway, let's do the Papaya Dance for the meantime.

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