Mindanao church leaders endorsed Bro. Eddie Villanueva as their presidential candidate

Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the standard bearer of Bangon Pilipinas Party, gets the support of Baptist Philippines, INc., a 36,000-strong coalition of church leaders in Mindanao.

Dr. Claro Loquias of Believers’ Action Towards Prosperity, Truth, Integrity for the State’s Transformation (Baptist) Philippines Incorporated said that "Bro. Eddie is our official candidate in 2010." he further stated that a “Genuine change that could bring about the much needed national emancipation from poverty could only come from a leader who fears God and loves his fellow man. Thus, we give our full support to Bro. Eddie.”

More than100 pastors from the Davao Pentecostal Fellowship of Ministers, an umbrella organization of different Pentecostal churches in Davao and over 500 church leaders in Digos and Tagum City also issued their statements of support for the presidential bid of Villanueva.

What is interesting in this scenario is that this is the first time that the evangelical churches in Mindanao issued a unanimous decision to publicly support a presidential candidate.  I think other umbrella organizations of different churches should also follow the steps taken by these organizations.

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