Menikanikow ni Monico eng mekina neng menikew ni Monica…
Peskow, peksew…
Booteke. Betooka…
Damn! I can’t deliver the Filipino tongue twisters!
- Si Inday, nagsasanay
“The oil normalizing series specifically designed for my oily skin not only works physically on the skin surface, but penetrates deep into the skin layers to normalize oil secretion for a healthy and long-lasting oil free skin.”
- paliwanag ni Inday habang nagpapahid ng chin-chan-su
I wouldn’t go down that road again. I wouldn’t think about the love-who-was-gone or the life that was snatched away from me, excised as cleanly and completely as a tumor, leaving not even a scar for me to cherish, to remember it by.
- nag-eemote si Inday dahil nagtanan si dodong at ederlyn.
Sa resto:
WAITER: Ano po order nila, maam?
AMO: Yung fried chicken meal na lang. Ikaw Inday, ano sayo?
INDAY: I would like to partake of a dish of sauteed pork and chicken, boiled in thick essence of soy and cane extracts, with copious amounts of garlic, onion and laurel, sprinkled generously with fine spices and served with a generous helping of root crop and a helping of rice.
AMO: Iho, pa-order daw ng adobo with rice.
JEEPNEY DRIVER: Hoy! Bakit sais lang ang binayad mo?! Syete na ang pamasahe ngayon!
INDAY: I am currently enrolled in a 2-year vocational course in an academic institution. Therefore, I am a student and, by this fact, I am entitled to have the inalienable right to avail of a certain discount on my jeepney fare. This is why I provided a payment less than what you expected because that is according to the law, as stated in the fare matrix.
Love – a widely misunderstood although highly desirable malfunction of the heart that weakens the brain, causes the eyes to sparkle, cheeks to glow, blood pressure to rise and lips to pucker!
- Inday, gumagawa ng blog niya sa Friendster.
(Dahil Inglisera na talaga si Inday, nakahanap ng katapat)
Kausap si Lornang labandera…
INDAY: Hey! Our majesty said wash that white clothe because that is the only white clothe of her, understood?
LORNA: Clothe! Only one? Duh! Would you mind to fill up those empty spaces of your brain, Idiot! I don’t know why people like you still exists, you’re just a scrap of humanity! Now, get lost!
INDAY: (luhaang umalis) “Ambot sa imo!”
(Hehe, yan ang yabang kasi ni Inday!)
There are tulips in the street, there are tulips in the park, but nothing compares to our two lips meeting in the dark.
- pamatay lines ni Dodong kay Inday.
It does not matter if you are the wife, or you’re the mistress. What matters is you showed your love, you experienced the joys and pain in loving. Coz from there, you’ll learn… that loving is not always easy.
- movie review ni Inday sa “A Love Story”! Bongga!
Why are you quoting and spreading everything that I say? Am I a celebrity?
- Inday, lagot kayo… nagrereklamo na! kulit niyo kc e.

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