Sir Anton and Ate Glow

Last night, my friend (Anton) and I were supposed to watch New Moon at SM Megamall, but we decided to cancel it and watch the movie tonight instead. I received a text message from a former co-teacher inviting us to attend his advance birthday celebration. His birthday is today, and he's 29 years old. Gay as he is, but he is a respectable person. Reagan Ricafort is a son of a retired PNP colonel and his mother is also a member of the Philippine National Police. Reagan, as what his friends call him, is a jolly person. It's always a merry-go-round day if you're with him.

Sir Anton and the birthday boy, Sir Reagan

We arrived on his house around 10 in the evening. We saw Ate Glow (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo look-alike celebrity) singing. Anton and Ate Glow made beso-beso each other. They're friends. I just said 'Hi!' to him. He's tipsy already, and guess what the guys were drinking? It was Emperador! Haha. I really don't like that brandy. I prefer beer such as San Mig Light and Red Horse. We convinced Ate Glow to sing his infamous song "Tatakbo Ako." He was reluctant at first but Reagan was able to persuade him to sing the song. Well, he gave in to our "demand" but he just sung the chorus. Reagan kept on calling Ate Glow by his real name, Rene Boy Facunla. Hahaha. We were all laughing. The song became so popular in 2004 when President Arroyo decided to run for the Presidency after she told the public that she would not be running after she finished her term from 2001 to 2004. She was put to power through People Power 2 or the so called EDSA 2 after former President Estrada was ousted for graft and corruption charges.

It was my first time to meet Ate Glow personally, and I think he's a cool person. He's a nice friend. Before we left, I told Reagan my wish for him on his birthday. I said to him: "I pray for more birthdays to come into your life." That's all. Hehehe.

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