The waters are overflowing in the desert.
Balls of snow are falling from heaven on summer.
The sun is shining so bright during nighttime
As the moon illuminates on daytime.

Life is as sweet as your kisses
That makes me feel like flying in the air.
Your hugs give me unfathomable comfort
That gives me an enormous feeling of happiness of all sort.

As butterflies are attracted to the nectar of flowers;
As birds of the skies freely roam up high;
As deers rush with panting to the oasis;
So am I as I see your face smiling at me with love.

I may not be a perfect lover
But I am trying to be one as you do the same.
I may not be your ideal partner
But I am doing everything as if I am an actor with fame.

You and I as one full with love;
Love that matters for both of us.
We may never know what the future holds for us.
But one thing is sure: You and I love each other much.

Copyright 2009. Marlon B. Raquel
December 20, 2009/1:50 P.M.

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