My Issue with the Civil Service Commission

About two months ago, I was again trying to apply for the Civil Service Examination. The Civil Service Commission has this new process where applicants could request for an appointment date for the actual filing and processing of their respective Application Forms. This is only applicable to those who want to take the exam through a Computer-Assisted Test. Applicants need only to log on at CSC's official website and click the link to Online CSE-CAT Appointment Reservation System (OCARS)

On October 19, 2009 I was so excited to apply, and knowing that only 35 applicants would be accepted, I rushed to Netopia Internet Cafe at 12 noontime. OCARS would be available by 1:00 PM. It was one o'clock already but every time I tried accessing the link, there was always an error. I did the same process until around 1:30pm, I read a note from the website that there was no more available slot. I was really frustrated and dismayed. I could not believe it. This was my second attempt. So I thought of writing to the officials of Civil Service Commission. I really just want to tell them how frustrated I was with the system. At about 2:00pm, I sent the following email to 6 email addresses, all to the concerned officials.

Good afternoon.

I am online right now trying to apply for an appointment for the Civil Service Examination this November. I've been online since 12 noon. It's 1:30pm already, and I still could not access the OCARS. This is my second time trying to apply via internet. I am a bit frustrated. What should I do? Can you please help me?

Thank you so much.

Marlon Raquel

To my surprise, someone from the CSC replied to my email after seven (7) days. I was thinking they would just ignore it. Ms. Domingo sent me a reply in a pdf format.

October 26, 2009

Marlon Raquel

Dear Mr. Raquel,

This refers to your email about the problem you experienced while trying to register for the Computer Assisted Test (CAT) through the Online CSE-CAT Application  Reservation System (OCARS) on October 19, 2009.

Please be informed that the CSC web server had a technical problem at the moment the OCARS should have been accessible. This explains why an error message was displayed when you tried to access the link for the OCARS. The problem with the web server was addressed in due time. However, because a lot of applicants were accessing the OCARS at the same time (nationwide), the slots for the November schedule of the CAT, numbering 140, were filled up in less than an hour.

 The OCARS is accessible only every 3rd Monday of the month for examinations to be conducted in the succeeding month. For December schedule of the CAT, you may access the OCARS on November 16, 2009.

Rest assured that the Commission is continuously improving its systems and procedures to provide better service to the clients.

Very truly yours,

Chief Personnel Specialist
Examination, Recruitment and Placement Office
After I read the reply, I thought well, that's fine, better luck next time. I appreciate CSC because they did not ignore my concern. They attended to it, and I am hoping that they would be able to improve their services in the future.

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